Morbid Wings of Sathanas

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Baptism / 2005-06-02


Recorded in December 2004 at the Temple of Black Holocaust.
Baptism is:
Lord Sargofagian - Morbid 6 & 4 -strings of Evil & Worship
Session worshippers on this album:
Kobalt - Death hammers
sg.7 - 4 string Hatred & Ritual chants
Cover artwork by Iris Astraya. Layout by sg.7.
All music by Lord Sargofagian between 2002-2004 years of torment.
Lyrics by Johannes Nefastos & Lord Sargofagian.
Released by Northern Heritage on CD in June 2005 and on LP in June 2006 with
gatefold covers and limited to 500 copies.
The LP version has also different track order and has a bonus track Soil Of
Decay instead of Remains of Cursed Plague:

Morbid Wings of Sathanas的曲目列表

1. Et Vidimus Gloriam Eius 07:51
2. Remains of Cursed Plague 04:45
3. Vision, Pain & Death 05:42
4. The Worshipper 08:41
5. Names of the Dead Souls 06:08
6. Morbid Wings of Sathanas 05:56
7. The Path of New Era 11:21

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