Two Bands and a Legend

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Two Bands and a Legend / 2007

Two Bands and a Legend的曲目列表

1 Who The Fuck
Written-By - PJ Harvey
2 The Witch
Written-By - Gerry Roslie
3 Too Much Fun
Written-By - Jon Magne Riise*
4 Tekla Loo
Written-By - Mats Gustafsson
5 Louie Louie
Written-By - Richard Berry
6 You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'Cos You Think You Know Me
Written-By - Mongezi Feza
7 The Nut
Written-By - Alva Melin
8 Baby Talk
Written-By - James Blood Ulmer
9 I Can't Find My Mind
Written-By - Interior* , Rorschach*

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