Under The Black Sun

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Judas Iscariot / 2004


12" LP limited to 500 hand numbered copies on black wax.
Recorded live at Black Sun festival, except track 6, (Gransee, Germany, July 2000).
Akhenaten - guitars, vocals
Kanwulf (Nargaroth) - guitar
Imperial (Krieg) - bass Butcher (Maniac Butcher) - drums
No CD version exists, vinyl only release. UPDATE: A CD version can be found on eBay, but it is a bootleg and by no means an official release.

Under The Black Sun的曲目列表

1. Babylon In Ruin
2. The Black Clouds Roll Under The Parapet Of The Sky
3. The Heavens Drop With Human Gore
4. Spill The Blood Of The Lamb
5. Karmageddon (Nargaroth Cover)
6. Black Eternal Winds (Unreleased bonus studio track)

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