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Rumskib / 摇滚 / 2007-05-08


Darla is proud to release the debut record by Danish nu-gaze group Rumskib. Rumskib is the Odense, Denmark duo of Keith Canisius (Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Producer) and Tine Louise Kortermand (Singer). Keith produced the debut record with Jonas Munk (Manual), who programmed the beats, made the electronic sounds, and played synthesizer. Rumskib's debut record begins with a Simple Minds New Gold Dream style intro. A rough & repetitive MBV Loveless style guitar line kicks in. Next an aggressive baggy beat begins to pump making Rumskib sound nearly like Curve. Then a very lovely surprise: A very pretty, Lush style guitar change comes and simultaneously the wall of sound vocal harmonies begin -- like Emma, Miki... and Bjork! There's no denying Rumskib are derivative, however, Rumskib has such command of all the genre's key sound elements and their own pop songs are so damn good the band gloriously claim the new shoegaze sound as their own. Rumskib's sound is at once modern and classic, blending a strong love for early 90s shoegazer bands such as Chapterhouse and Lush with the sensibilities of grand Scandinavian 80s pop such as A-Ha and Roxette, all flavored with harsh noise-rock guitars and crunchy micro-programmed beats. Sometimes their sound is up-tempo, almost danceable like The Cardigans meet St. Etienne. At other times their sound is thick, heavy, and romantic recalling The Cocteau Twins or Simple Minds. Rumskib manage to be both surrealist and accessible; complex but straight forward. Vocalist Tine Louise creates harmonies so beautiful one would think they came from some mysterious wonderland (or Victorialand?) and Keith Canisius' lyrical call & response guitar playing is intelligent and evocative. Combine all this with well crafted compositions and Jonas Munk's trademark head-spinning, multi-layered sound sculptures, and you've got a work of undeniable beauty. Track list: 01. Hearts On fire, 02. Springtime, 03. Dreampoppers Tribute, 04. Where Are The Flowers, 05. Ferris Wheel Blackout, 06. Think Eyes Away, 07. You're My Japan, 08. Sneak, 09. Crucial Love Games, 10. Ovation Outsiders, 11. Girl Afraid, 12. Love At First Sight. ""Re-evokes my dancing feet with the fragrance of Liz Fraser insanity there on top.. humm..There' s some serious celebration going on in Scandinavia now." --SERENA MANEESH ""Springtime" kills, kills again, and then kills some more. And then bathes in in the blood of its own awesomeness." --JATUN


1. Hearts on Fire
2. Springtime
3. Dreampoppers Tribute
4. Where Are the Flowers
5. Ferris Wheel Blackout
6. Think Eyes Away
7. You're My Japan
8. Sneak
9. Crucial Love Games
10. Ovation Outsiders
11. Girl Afraid
12. Love at First Sight





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