Because I Love It

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Amerie / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2007-05-21


UK edition of the 2007 album from the R&B star includes two bonus tracks: '1 Thing' and 'Losing U'. As a whole, Because I Love It, Amerie's third album, unapologetically falls into no particular box. There are many elements ('70s soul, '80s New Wave, Hip Hop, live instrumentation), yet the sound is remarkably consistent throughout and makes complete sense. Although the musical inspiration is broad, the arrangement of the material is signature Amerie: strong, aggressive vocals, beautiful melodies, and lush harmonies. Sony/BMG. 2007.

Because I Love It的曲目列表

02.Hate to Love You
03.Some Like It
04.Make Me Believe
05.Take Control
07.Crazy Wonderful
08.Losing You
09.That's What You Are
10.When Loving You Was Easy
11.Paint Me Over
12.Somebody up There
13.All Roads
14.1 Thing(Bonus Tracks)
15.Losing U(Bonus Tracks)

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