Days of Twang

7.4 107人评价

De-Phazz / 2007-04-02


Exclusive Asian-only enhanced two CD pressing features a bonus disc with three additional tracks: 'Hell Alright' (Bassface Sascha & Frnksen Remix), 'How High That Hat' (Monophonic's Rave That Jazz Mix) and 'Hell Alright' (Enhanced Video). It's time to twang like the big bang - only a little more explosively. The timelessly desirable 44 minutes of Days of Twang delight immediately, endlessly, day by day and all through the night. With the first album for their new label (and their sixth overall), Dephazz announce a retrospective recommencement, as well as the departure into ever more wonderful times and spaces - hot on the heels of international successes in dreamy heights and numbers, as well as a host of sensations in Hollywood-movies or Japanese commercials. Hi Note. 2007.

Days of Twang的曲目列表

1. Twang
2. Boogie Philosophy
3. Nonsensical Thing
4. Hell Alright
5. Better World
6. Le Petit Bastard
7. It Will Turn out Right
8. Devil's Music
9. Dancing with My Hands
10. How High the Hat
11. My Society
12. Rock'n'roll Dude
13. Shadow of a Lie
14. Whats the Use Of...?
15. 105 FM Jam
16. Devil's Music #58 Reprise
Disc: 2
1. Hell Alright
2. How High the Hat

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