Quicksand Memory

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Ulrich Schnauss / 电子 / 2007-05-22


It's been over six years since Schnauss introduced the world to his wonderful blend of electronic textures and shoe-gazer aesthetics featured on his debut, "Far Away Trains Passing By". It's also been four years since "A Strangely Isolated Place" hit shelves in his native Germany and cemented his place among the elite electronic artists. That album combined the early 90's Creation Records' sound of pioneering acts like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine with modern electronic tapestries. "Quicksand Memory" brings Ulrich's musical drought to an end, featuring two new tracks and Robin Guthrie's re-workings of two of Ulrich's most celebrated songs, "Gone Forever" and "On My Own". Look for the upcoming full-length, "Goodbye", in June.

Quicksand Memory的曲目列表

1. Look At The Sky
2. Medusa
3. Gone Forever
4. On My Own


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