My Life Your End

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Xafbx / 2007-02-06


xAFBx, formerly known as xArmed for Battlex, may be approaching 2007 with a shortened name, a reduced line up, and a load of hospital bills, but their metal-influenced brand of straight edge hardcore will ring in the new year seemingly unscathed. The Reno-based band began in 2004 and quickly established themselves as unabashedly straight edge and undeniably brutal. With the fall of Syracuse, NY, as the Mecca for militant straight edge kids in the late 1990s, the Reno/SLC area quickly assumed the role becoming a hotbed for straight edge bands where xAFBx quickly climbed through the ranks to be one of the area's hardest hitting acts. While they share the heavy breakdowns and tough guy sound of bands such as HATEBREED, TERROR and BURY YOUR DEAD, their technical competency and superior song writing does well to set them apart from the sea of clones these acts have spawned.

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Intro the Ca$h Man


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