Liar: The Best Of The Charlottes

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The Charlottes / 摇滚 / 2006-02-06


Formed in Huntingdon, Cambs in 1988, the Charlottes were usually lumped in with the likes of the Darling Buds, Mighty Lemon Drops and Primitives- the jangly, girlbeat end of the post C86 era- but had far more sonically in common with the droning, churning wall of sound approach epitomised by My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Loop. Regarded as makers of 'twee classics' (that actuallly passed for a compliment in the indie scene of '89) by Melody Maker, they released several singles, a mini album, an EP and an album of outtakes and leftovers before disbanding in 1991, shortly after which founder Simon Scott went on to join Slowdive. This CD collects all of those recordings together for the first time: ripe for rediscovery, one might say. Cherry Red. 2006.

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