Get Happy (With Bonus Disc)

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Elvis Costello / 2003-09-09


2003 remastered reissue of the classic 1980 album packed with 30 bonus tracks, 'I Stand Accused' (Alternate Version), 'So Young', 'Girls Talk', 'Human Touch' (Alternate Version), 'Temptation' (Alternate Version), 'Motel Matches' (Alternate Take), 'Clowntime Is Over No. 2', 'B Movie' (Alternate Version), 'Girls Talk' (Alternate Version), 'Getting Mighty Crowded Watch Your Step' (Alternate Version), 'Dr. Luther's Assistant', 'Ghost Train', 'New Lace Sleeves' (Alternate Version), 'Hoover Factory', 'Just A Memory', 'I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down' (Alternate Version), 'New Amsterdam' (Olympic Studio Version), 'Black & White World' (Demo), 'Riot Act' (Demo), '5ive Gears In Reverse' (Demo), 'Love For Tender' (Demo), 'Men Called Uncle' (Demo), 'King Horse' (Demo), 'Seven O'clock' (Demo), 'High Fidelity' (Live), 'Opportunity' (Live), 'The Imposter' (Live), & 'Don't Look Back' (Live),

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Love for Tender


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