The Bird of Music

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Au Revoir Simone / 民谣 / 2007-04-23


2003年的秋天,Erika Forster在一趟回纽约的火车上认识了朋友的朋友Annie Hart,相同的志趣和爱好使她们走到了一起,并开始一起做音乐.过不久另一位朋友Heather D’Angelo也加入了她们,并形成了现在的女子的三重奏.来自纽约布鲁克林的三人演唱组合Au Revoir Simone便以这种偶然的方式正式成立.2005年的10月末,她们发行了乐队的首张专辑"Verses Of Comfort Assurance & Salvation".新专辑"The Bird Of Music",依旧清新悦耳灵动.以三把键盘为音乐基调,再增加一些电子音效,最后用那未被世俗渲染的纯净歌声加以粘合.浪漫,温暖,清新的小电情调略带一丝忧伤.简单的歌词以及直率的演唱,将给你带来舒适的感觉.
Take three girls from New York state, three keyboards, a drum machine and a certain bookish frisson and what you end up with is this rather special little record. "The Bird Of Music" is Au Revoir Simone's second album in as many years, and while it won't make them global superstars, those who like their music literate, warm and evocative will love it. Stars builds to a sparkly, deceptively romantic chorus ("You make me wanna measure stars in the back yard with a calculator and a ruler, baby") and "Sad Song" trips along on a Stereolab pulse while limpid banks of synths swirl around. Oftenbeautiful,always intriguing.

The Bird of Music的曲目列表

1. Lucky One
2. Sad Song
3. Fallen Snow [Age of Rockets Remix]
4. I Couldn't Sleep
5. Violent Yet Flammable World
6. Don't See the Sorrow
7. Dark Halls
8. Night Majestic
9. Stars
10. Lark
11. Way to There
12. Fallen Snow [Age of Rockets Remix]

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