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I Killed The Prom Queen / 流行 / 2006-07-31


About the Artist
Not content with their busy 2005 schedule, Adelaide's I Killed The Prom Queen are taking 2006 by the throat and don't look like letting go in the near future. Simply reaching their potential isn't a motivation for this band, surpassing their own expectations and abilities are just a taste of their intentions and existence.
Adelaide's I Killed The Prom Queen unleashed a more powerful and dynamic debut full length than has yet to be experienced by most. "When Goodbye Means Forever", debuted in the Adelaide charts at #1 where and remained in that position many weeks after its release. The album also debuted in the AIR charts at #12 before breaking through into the top 10 to #6, remaining in the top 10 for over 6 weeks, a feat rarely achieved by a metal/hardcore band. Easily satiating the IKTPQ followers, this release serves to reaffirm IKTPQ's evolution, displaying how much they've accomplished, the contribution they have made to underground music in Australia and the sheer distance they've evolved over the course of their existence.
Not letting their location or personnel changes hinder their progress, I Killed The Prom Queen hastily reinforced their name at the forefront of the Australian hardcore and metal scenes with consistent timely touring. They recently traveled a myriad of kilometers throughout Australia with international acts including Canada's Silverstein, Sweden's The Haunted and USA metal act Exodus as well as playing with the likes of Fear Factory, Soilwork and Alexisonfire. Amongst countless supports, IKTPQ found time to wow Aussie crowds when they headlined the Australia wide `Destroy Music Tour' over four long weeks before jumping on the plane to snowy Sweden to record the follow up to When Goodbye Means Forever. With festivals such as 2006 Come Together fesetival(Luna Park) & Overcranked festival, 2005 big day out and 2004 Hellfest (New Jersey USA) as well as several USA & UK tours under their belts, and with not one of the members over the age of 23, it seems IKTPQ's reign over the Australian and worldwide Metal and Hardcore scene is only just beginning!
Redefining Australian metal/hardcore with an intense live show matched by none and their unique mixture of hardcore and metal, IKTPQ more than deliver an experience not yet seen within Australia, or in the States for that matter. Their first full length release from Hand of Hope/Resist Records will force you to reconsider your perception of Australian underground music and discover why IKTPQ will continue to break the barriers and bring this underrated style of music to a broader and more mainstream audience.
The imminent release of their brutal new sophomore full length (set for release in June 06) recorded in Sweden with famed metal producer's Fredrik Nordstrom and Patrik J. Sten (In Flames, Soilwork, At the Gates) will see IKTPQ embark on a two month cd release tour of capitol and regional Australia followed by the boys jet-setting once again to unleash their album on the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

Music for the Recently Deceased的曲目列表

1. Sharks In Your Mouth
2. Say Goodbye
3. $666
4. Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck Tie
5. The Deepest Sleep
6. Bet It All On Black
7. Headfirst From A Hangman's Noose
8. Sleepness Nights And City Lights
9. Slain Upon My Faithful Sword
10. Like Nails To A Casket
11. There Will Be No Violins When You Die

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