Något Nytt Dåligt Har Hänt

6.7 58人评价

Vapnet / 2007-04-09


Vapnet doesn't stray too far from the band's effervescent pop compositions, although it does sound like they've tidied up the arrangement for their guest Jens Lekman, who features on one of the tracks. Bells, flute, melodica, guitar, and that show-stealing sax blow kisses to one another over a percolating beat, goosing the stop/start melody to that exuberant filigree that leads so joyously into the chorus. Despite the exuberance of the music, an undercurrent of melancholy runs through it.

Något Nytt Dåligt Har Hänt的曲目列表

1 Tjernobyl
2 Håll Ihop (Med Jens Lekman)
3 Släpa Hem Mig
4 Förtjäna Mig Själv
5 Tar Tillbaka Det
6 Mera Om Varandra
7 Tjernobyl (Repris)

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