Automatic Writing

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Sennen / 2007-02


the instrumental band sennen, formed in 2000, started as a group of friends bound by their love for shoegazing and post-rock music. their first ep was recorded in summer 2004. after doing several shows in the netherlands and abroad, 2 members left the band. with the arrival of a new bass player in july 2005, the focus of the music has shifted to more complex interaction between instruments and dynamic variation plunged into an atmospheric sound. the main course of sennen is to continuously explore various music styles and instruments to renew and broaden their perception on 'atmosphere' and to challenge the listener with a clue that's not too obvious. their compositions cover a wide array of emotions, from light-hearted sparkling movements to a darker eery and heavy sound. sennen's activities are now pointed at the release of a cd on january 29, live shows and a small tour in a neighbouring country in 2007.

Automatic Writing的曲目列表

01. Redshift
02. Arcus Glider
03. Hearsay


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