And The Family Telephone

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Page France / May 8, 2007


The band's fifth release in four years is the product of many hands, but the work of one heart. Principle songwriter Michael Nau's lyrics call to mind Dylan or Nilsson ghostwriting for Margo Guryan, all well-accompanied by a range of upbeat instrumentation.

And The Family Telephone的曲目列表

1. The Ruby Ring Man Telephone
2. Wet Dog Afternoon
3. Mr. Violin And Dancing Bear
4. Be My Pianist
5. Pigeons
6. Hat And Rabbit
7. A Belly To The Sea
8. The Belly In The Fish
9. Rooster And Its Crow
10. The Joker's Joke
11. Here's A Telephone
12. Beggar's Table Legs
13. Circus Head (Nobody Knows)
14. Casting Day

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