Lutherion III

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The Garden of Delight / January 12, 2007


The light was closing in on me, growing brighter and ever more intense until it threatened to burn my eyes. Breathing hoarsely I struggled for air and shut my eyes.
This shall serve as an attempt to reach out and simultaneously provide supportive aid for a better understanding of the conceptual world behind Lutherion III. I have endeavoured to assemble the fragmentary jigsaw into one complete and logical unit. My interpretations are primarily based on the original audio tracks, Artaud抯 lyrics and manuscripts as well as extensive research on the world-wide-web and of my own, private book collection. My gratitude belongs to Artaud, who has granted me the honour and his trust in writing this elucidation.

Lutherion III的曲目列表

Disc One: Lutherion III
1 Prelude
2 Illuminate
3 Codex
4 Sacred Rites
5 The Abyss
6 Sangreal
7 Dogma
8 Venus Pentagramm
9 Godsend
10 In Memoriam
Disc Two: Bonus CD
1 Illuminate (Idra Sultra)
2 Dark Entries
3 Illuminati Revealed (Chris Cusak rmx)
4 The Path of Illumination
Illuminate (video clip)

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