A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven

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Vittorio Vandelli / 流行 / 2005-5-12


Vittorio Vandelli is a talented guitarist and composer. His first soloist album, 'A Day of warm Rain in Heaven', transposes into music the poetical imaginary of 'The rhyme of the ancient mariner', the romantic opus of S.T. Coleridge. The music presents a contemporary style but the words belong to the first half of the XIXth century. The rhyme describes the perillous voyage of a sailorman becoming an odissey through sin, death and re-birth until the achievement of wisdom, a status closely related to pain and sadness as we become aware of our tragic human condition. The trip of the protagonist reflects Vittorio's existential experience, a deep spiritual experience that each of us could be called to live. The ability to sublimate all of this into music seems to be the only way to fight the tempest and survive the storming sea, and it is a precious gift that destiny has accorded to artists.
In this album, the music is ravishing and various, yet a sense of unity prevails : ambient tunes (where classic guitar arpeggios meet environment sounds) alternate with timeless ballads; short industrial moments precede ethereal compositions; soft-electronic episodes follow hypnotic lullabies and atmospheric instrumental airs introduce moving sonatas in his unique style. Vittorio plays classic, acoustic, electric and synth guitars together with keyboards pads and rhytmical patterns. He felt the urge to follow the creative processus from the beginning to the end starting from the musical idea, passing through execution and finally reaching recording and mixing.
'A Day of warm Rain in Heaven' features Francesca Nicoli on vocals who, thanks to her peculiar talent and artistic personality, has been able to confer even more pathos and strenght to the textures of notes. Her vocal work is the result of a sudden enlightenment after the very first listening of the tracks.

A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven的曲目列表

1 Farewell Farewell, Thou Wedding-Guest (4:59)
2 Beneath The Lighting And The Moon (2:38)
3 My Heart As Dry As Dust (5:02)
4 The Ocean Green (5:48)
5 A Sadder And A Wiser Man (5:30)
6 The Bay Is White In Silent Light (4:22)
7 The Curse In A Dead Man's Eye (2:08)
8 A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven (4:58)
9 Whispers O'er The Sea (2:10)
10 The Death-Fire Danced At Night (1:57)
11 I Killed The Albatross (6:10)
12 For The Sky And The Sea And The Sea And The Sky! (4:44)
13 The Moment I Could Pray (2:27)
14 Singeth A Quiet Tune (4:57)
15 Sails In The Sun (2:41)

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