The Chaos In Order

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Let's Go Sailing / 流行 / 2007-03-27


Let's Go Sailing是来自美国加利福尼亚的独立乐队.女主唱Shana Levy曾是洛杉矶独立乐队Irving的一员,02年离队后,Shana找来一众好友组建了乐队Let's Go Sailing.07年发行的首张专辑"The Chaos In Order",以钢琴和吉他为主导,温暖而坚定的弦乐,有力的鼓点和键盘,配上Shana甜美自然的嗓音,诉说着平凡生活中的欢笑和失落.

The Chaos In Order的曲目列表

1. Sideways
2. All I Want From You Is Love
3. Icicles
4. It's As Clear
5. Too Many Stars
6. We Get Along
7. Better Off
8. This Rope Is Long
9. Heart Condition
10. This Much
11. Come Home Safely

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