On The Leyline

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Ocean Colour Scene / 2007-04


Ocean Colour Scene have been around for over a decade and have now produced 9 studio albums.
Their latest offering is fantasic. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
From the first to the last track, you will know that this is a 'complete' record and a record that you will not be able to put down easily.
1.Production - First class production, you have to play this record loud.
2.Lyrics - Deep, meaningful and very relevant. 'Go To Sea Boy' and 'I Just Got Over You' are back to the classic days of 'Riverboat' and 'Trains'.
3.Melody - Heavy guitar at it's best. Steve Cradock plays how we all know that he can - highlights are 'On The Leyline Waiting and 'I Told You So'.
You will not be disappointed if you buy this album. A must for all fans and newcomers.
This will go down as one of their very best albums.

On The Leyline的曲目列表

1. I Told You So
2. On The Leyline Waiting
3. For Dancers Only
4. Man In The Middle
5. I Just Got Over You
6. Go To Sea
7. These Days I'm Tired
8. You'll Never Find Me
9. Don't Get Me
10. Loneliest Girl In The Whole Wide World
11. Mr Brown
12. Two Lovers
13. Daylight

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