Plague Park

6.7 59人评价

Handsome Furs / 2007-05-22


Dark and minimal while noisy and earnest, the point of this duo was to be as sparse and repetitive as possible with the help of little more than vocals, guitars, and a drum machine. Disenchanted vocals thinly resonate while cloaked in a frenzied undertone of fear and uncertainty, all punctuated by bare drum machine beats. Their debut is a record of melancholic tendency and heartfelt desire; a stripped down symphony relegated between city and country, and made for ears of either side.

Plague Park的曲目列表

01. What We Had
02. Hearts Of Iron
03. Handsome Furs Hate This City
04. Snakes On The Ladder
05. Cannot Get Started
06. Sing! Captain
07. Dead + Rural
08. Dumb Animals
09. The Radio's Hot Sun

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