...En Their Medh Riki Fara...

8.3 155人评价

Falkenbach / 1996-7-29


There are two CD versions of this album. The first came with a picture of
Vratyas Vakyas in the booklet. Due to the album booklet's poor quality, the
booklet was changed for the second version.
MC version limited to 250 copies.
Also released as a vinyl picture LP, with "The Heralder" (9:05 min) included as
a bonus track, and as a gatefold LP. Both are limited to 500 copies each.
The song 'Galdralag' is a re-recording of the song with the same name from the
'1995 Promo'.
The song Laeknishendr appeared on the Laeknishendr demo and on the 'Promo
1995' in early forms. It was re-recorded once more for the 'Heralding - The
Fireblade' album in 2005.

...En Their Medh Riki Fara...的曲目列表

1 Galdralag (6:19)
2 Heathenpride (8:42)
3 Lacknishendr (6:17)
4 Ultima Thule (3:23)
5 Asum Ok Alfum Naer... (7:44)
6 Winternight (4:21)
7 ...Into The Ardent Awaited Land... (6:00)

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