Visionless (看無)

8.0 11人评价

2HRS / 摇滚 / 2012-10-01


A Taiwanese post-rock band of three different melodic instruments, a violin, a bass and a keyboard. 2HRs aims to deliver a sound structure different from most of the post rock band by having a different instrument arrangement. 2HRs is not weird, we're just different.

Visionless (看無)的曲目列表

1.Rain 雨 06:35
2.Power to the People 群眾力量 04:18
3.Don Don Don 瞪瞪瞪 04:24
4.Fuck You VP WU! 白海豚不會轉彎 03:44
5.Aura 火 03:22
6.Space Pilgrims Crash on Taiwan Art Museum 太空船.砰! 10:14

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