Spencer Perceval

7.2 36人评价

iLiKETRAiNS / 2007-03-26


The stories told by this Leeds five-piece are set to carefully structured, adorning melodies with instrumental patterns capable of creating an incredible range of emotions. "Progress Reform" contains unique, inspiring, and rousing songs, and brims with exceptional characters and historical events. "Brilliant, unique, wry: iLiKETRAiNS are at odds with pop's present trends, but then weren't all the best bands out of time?" - NME. "Intelligent, witty songs are matched by hauntingly powerful riffs. These make you think of The Smiths and Interpol joining forces with Sigur Ros...This mini album boasts some remarkable tracks" - The Sun.

Spencer Perceval的曲目列表

1. Spencer Perceval 9:18
2. I Am Murdered 6:07


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