Passages Into Deformity

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Defeated Sanity / 摇滚 / 2013-2-5


Defeated Sanity are preparing to spread more death metal with the release of their new full-length record to be titled Passages Into Deformity. You don't have to wait much longer as the band has completed work on the album. The follow-up to 2010's Chapters Of Repugnance is scheduled for release on February 5th, 2013 via Willowtip Records.
Passages Into Deformity was recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany and includes guest vocal appearances by Frank Rini (Internal Bleeding), AJ Magana (ex-Defeated Sanity, Disgorge US), and Brian Forgue (Syphilic, Gutrot) with sound effects performed by Jon Engman (ex-Brodequin). The new album will come with a bonus DVD featuring making-of clips, interviews with the band, and performance videos.
The band commented: "With Passages Into Deformity, fans can expect another quality release from Defeated Sanity. Without compromising the brutality of our sound, we have stepped it up in terms of the overall production. The album has a more old-school vibe to it, with a lot of early '90s inspired riffs and slams, but we made it a point to not get away from the technical and progressive stuff as well. People can definitely expect the most balanced Defeated Sanity album yet."
Konstantin Lühring - vocals
Christian Kühn - guitars
Lille Gruber - drums
Jacob Schmidt - bass
Guest musicians
Frank Rini - vocals
Brian Forgue - vocals
A.J. Magana - vocals

Passages Into Deformity的曲目列表

01. Initiation
02. Naraka
03. Verblendung
04. Lusting For Transcendence
05. The Purging
06. Verses Of Deformity
07. Perspectives
08. Frenzy
09. Martyrium

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