Thy Dying Light

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Judas Iscariot / 流行 / 1996


All music written and performed by Akhenaten.
Recorded by Akhenaten in March, 1996.
Reissued in 2000 with bonus video of "The Heavens Drop With Human Gore" live.
LP version released in 2001 by Sombre Records, limited to 350 hand-numbered
copies, contains only 7 tracks (all except tracks 5 & 8) and a different cover

Thy Dying Light的曲目列表

1. But Eternals Beheld His Vast Forests... 07:59
2. His Eternal Life, Like A Dream Was Obliterated... 09:14
3. Helpless It Lay, Like A Worm In His Frozen Track... 10:54
4. Behold, Our Race Of Unstoppable Genius... 03:52
5. From His Woven Darkness Above... 04:24
6. Writhing Upon The Wind Of Mystic Philosophy And Dreams... 04:46
7. They Saw His Pale Visage Emerge From The Darkness... 04:28
8. Thy Dying Light, And Desolate Darkness... 05:42
9. Arise, My Lord Of Infernal Wisdom... 00:39
Total playing time 51:58

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