Make You Love

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Vanessa Daou / 2000


Last remaining copies available! Now deleted worldwide. 'Throughout the 90's, the musical partnership of Peter and Vanessa Daou seamlessly merged elements of pop, jazz, and electronica to create some of the most intoxicating, exhilarating, and seductive soundscapes for dancefloors, lounges, and bedrooms. Make You Love is easily the artist's most honest, pop-leaning, and (dare we say) best collection to date. Tracks like 'You', 'Juliette', 'Bittersweet', and a cover of Jane's Addiction 'I Would For You' are pure bliss. EMI. 2000.

Make You Love的曲目列表

1. You
2. Little Bit of Pain
3. Mess Around
4. Make You Love
5. Show Me
6. Lovechild
7. Aphrodite
8. I Would for You
9. Little Bit of Pain
10. Juliette
11. Honey in a Jar
12. Bittersweet

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