Under Giant Trees

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Efterklang / 2007-05-15


Copenhagen's Efterklang make a welcome return with a magical re-introduction to their sound--the release of Under Giant Trees, a limited edition five-track mini-album in deluxe packaging. Recorded in the band's studio, Under Giant Trees evolved somewhat unconventionally. Returning to Copenhagen at the close of 2005, Efterklang's five core members set to work recording the foundations of these new songs, with a view to this stand-alone release. Extra vocals, brass and strings were added, with Edda and Hildur (from Icelandic quartet Amiina) recording further violin parts. Using musicians who had performed with the band on tour, the idea was to capture the songs as they had been played live, retaining the free spirit of their origin. These were uncharted waters for Efterklang, who usually create songs in the studio as they record. The results are mesmerising--at once vibrant, otherworldly, poignant and panoramic.

Under Giant Trees的曲目列表

1. Falling Horses
2. Himmelbjerget
3. Hands Playing Butterfly
4. Towards The Bare Hill
5. Jojo

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