Pillow Wand

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Nels Cline / Thurston Moore / 1997-07-21


After many years of planning, this is the result of the much-talked-about "dream guitars" project from Nels Cline (leader of the Nels Cline Trio and the Nels Cline Singers, and who has worked with Mike Watt, the Geraldine Fibbers, Tim Berne, Julius Hemphill, and many others) and Thurston Moore (best known as guitarist and singer for Sonic Youth). Recorded on December 30, 1996 (the same day they played live at Rhino Records, the results of which make up the In-Store CD), Pillow Wand is the first studio collaboration between two of the most innovative guitarists around. Most pieces feature quiet layered strumming and build slowly to their resolution. Packaged in a fold-over jacket with inner sleeve (like a mini gatefold record).

Pillow Wand的曲目列表

Burnt Klubgirl Lid Tone


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