Blasts Of Holy Birth

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Lewis & Clarke / 2007-07-31


The songs of Lewis & Clarke are medicinal, meditative, and trance-inducing. They wind along lengthy lines of Chamber Folk, full of bows and bells, aphorisms and dreamy dreams. Both literally and figuratively, Blasts of Holy Birth is about being born and re-born. Conducting the folds of nylon-string guitar, harp, keyboard, horns, strings, and drums, is Lou Rogai, the voice and vision, with arms of friends draped in the name Lewis & Clarke. This great album is a must for fans of Folk, Singer/Songwriters, Devandra Banhart, Mi and L'au, Robyn Hitchcock, Neko Case, Mojave 3 and Nick Drake. La Societe Expedionn. 2007.

Blasts Of Holy Birth的曲目列表

1. Secret Of The Golden Flower
2. Blasts Of Holy Birth
3. Comfort Inn
4. Before It Breaks You
5. Black Doves
6. Crimson Carpets
7. We Think We Have Eyes
8. Be The Air We Breathe

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