Find the Way Out

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The Boo Radleys / 摇滚 / 2005-07-11


Compiled in conjunction with the band, this sumptuous 2-CD package features key albums tracks, newly remastered singles, b-side rarities and unreleased gems spanning the 1990s. With deluxe packaging and artwork by the Boo's original designer, Stephen Wood, this is set to be the ultimate package, boasting all of their many Top 75 hits, from the Top 10 favorite 'Wake Up Boo' to the indie anthem 'Lazarus'. In addition to the best of their Creation recordings (1992-1998), the set includes six rare pre-Creation tracks for the Action and Rough Trade labels, including selections from their valuable debut album Ichabod And I. In short, this is a must of indie fans everywhere. Castle Music. 2005.

Find the Way Out的曲目列表

Disc 1:
Happens to Us All
Hip Clown Rag (Demo)
The Finest Kiss
Lazy Day
Does This Hurt?
Sunfly II: Walking with the Kings
Buffalo Bill
Let Me Be Your Faith
Best Lose the Fear
I Hang Suspended
I've Lost the Reason
Wish I Was Skinny
Cracked Lips/Homesick
Barney (...and Me)
It's Lulu
Disc 2:
Wake Up Boo!: Music for Astronauts
Blues for George Michael
Find the Answer Within
Reaching Out from Here
From the Bench at Belvidere
Almost Nearly There
What's in the Box? (See Watcha Got)
Four Saints
C'mon Kids
Ride the Tiger
Blueroom in Archway
Free Huey

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