Grand Forks


Tom Brosseau / 2007-01-23


"He's got the plain-spoken directness of Hank Williams Sr. and a delicate way of phrasing that sometimes recalls Billie Holiday." - NPR, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED

"The voice is unmistakably in its own class--a high, plaintive, almost feminine cry--and the beautifully sparse songs sound as if they could've fit on Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music." - Chicago Tribune, The Year's Best Recordings: Pop Music "Brosseau has captured the sparse intimacy of old-school country and folk: you could play some of his less-embellished songs and easily convince someone they were recorded fifty years ago." - TIME OUT NY

Tom Brosseau has a voice that has been called totally earthbound and at the same time "sorta out there." With his new album, Grand Forks, Brosseau speaks of his hometown in North Dakota, of the people there, of convulsions of nature, and of survival.

For Grand Forks, Brosseau worked with his producer Gregory Page and recorded at the Maybellaine garage in San Diego as well as in Venice and La Mesa. John Doe, of the great LA punk band X, co-produced and sings on "Fork in the Road." Grammy-winning violinist Hilary Hahn is featured on "Fork in the Road" and the stunning "Blue Part of the Windshield." Also, both the former Mayor of Grand Forks and the former Governor of North Dakota share some words in the liner notes.

Grand Forks is about the great flood of 1997, homelessness, the love of the sound of the fabulous fifties, Les Paul and Mary Ford, traveling, and keeping the direct sunlight out of your face on the freeway.

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I Fly Wherever I Go


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