Your Love

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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs / 电子 / 2012-10-29


Coming in the wake of critically acclaimed debut album Trouble and a string of BBC Radio 1 playlisted singles, 'Your Love' is another uniquely brilliant dance record from Orlando Higginbottom aka TEED aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Remixes are from Mark Knight, Pearson Sound, Waze & Odyssey, and Fake Blood. The instrumental of the Fake Blood remix is a Beatport exclusive. Connect with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @

Your Love的曲目列表

1 Your Love
2 Your Love (Fake Blood Remix)
3 Your Love (Fake Blood Remix Instrumental)
4 Your Love (Pearson Sound Remix)
5 Your Love (Mark Knight Remix)
6 Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix)

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