The Wild Youth

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Daughter / 民谣 / 2011-11-21


released 21 November 2011
Recorded, produced & mixed by Ian Grimble at 2kHz Stud ios, London, UK.
Additional Production by Igor Haefeli.
Mastered by Adam Nunn at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK
Elena Tonra - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano
Igor Haefeli - Electric Guitar, Piano, Programming, BVs, Omnichord
Remi Aguilella - Drums, Percussion
Kevin Jones - Additional Bass on 'Love' & 'Medicine'
Management - Matt Brown, Stay Loose

The Wild Youth的曲目列表

1.Home 04:15
2.Medicine 04:27
3.Youth 04:08
4.Love 05:51


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