Small Years

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Ana Never / 摇滚 / 2012-11-02


Ana Never creates one of the most essential post-rock albums of the year. We will never forget the moment we have received the recording and start listening to it. When we heard the whole album, we knew how lucky we were. "We have listened to one of the greatest post-rock album of all the times."
On their new album "Small Years", Ana Never creates exciting and sensual atmosphere and waves of sounds in a lonely planet. We are landing this planet with 26 minutes and 34 seconds long track "Future Wife" where droning guitars slowly runs to climax. The special guest, Tijana Stankovic on violins has made a great contribution to the album and the violin lines of "Future Wife" make the song wear wings accordingly to to quietly plucked guitar notes and drum rolls. We continue traveling with "Half Way" which is the shortest track of the record. We find a coherent dark story here driven by piano / broken hearted guitars. The third track; "Gorgeous One" brings us to the most peaceful areas on this planet, there are lots of things picture here in the 16:14 run time. The last track To Live For is the longest track of the album which brings an energetic and dark conclusion to the album. It's not safe enough to listen while driving because the violent tornado may take you in, you should hide behind your inner shadows before it unfolds gently.

Small Years的曲目列表

1. Future Wife 26:34
2. Half Way 04:46
3. Gorgeous One 16:14
4. To Live For 28:00


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