Everybody Got Their Something

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Nikka Costa / 2001-8-13


Japanese pressing of her debut album currently getting loads of airplay on her ace single for 'Like A Feather' which is a cross between Lenny Kravitz & Prince. This Japanese album includes one bonus track, 'I Don't Want To Be The Rain' which is not available on the import single to 'Like A Feather'. 13 tracks in all including a hidden bonus track that trails track 12. 2001 release.

Everybody Got Their Something的曲目列表

1. Like A Feather
2. So I Have For You
3. Tug Of War
4. Everybody Got Their Something
5. Nothing
6. Nikka What
7. Hope It Felt Good
8. Some Kind Of Beautiful
9. Nikka Who
10. Just Because
11. Push And Pull
12. Corners Of My Mind

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