The Boy with No Name

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Travis / 摇滚 / 2007-05-07


The Boy With No Name is the fifth studio album by the Scottish rock band Travis.
The name of the album came about when lead singer Fran and his partner Nora were deciding on a name for their newly born son. During this time, Fran sent a photo of his son to friend by email and labelled the photo "The Boy With No Name". Fran revealed this on the The Chris Moyles Show during an interview.

The Boy with No Name的曲目列表

1. 3 Times And You Lose
2. Selfish Jean
3. Closer
4. Big Chair
5. Battleships
6. Eyes Wide Open
7. My Eyes
8. One Night
9. Under The Moonlight
10. Out In Space
11. Colder
12. New Amsterdam

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