The Four Trees

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Caspian / 摇滚 / 2007-04-10


"The melding of bombast and beauty, this is what Caspian does best. On their first release You Are the Conductor, perhaps the best instrumental EP of 2005, Caspian maintains a firm melodic foundation while not forgetting to bring the rock. This record displays maturity well beyond the band's years. The songwriting, cohesiveness, and grandiose sound all point to a promising future. If Caspian progress from the admirable debut of You Are the Conductor they could easily become a powerhouse in the post-rock scene." -- Delusions of Adequacy

Caspian's first full-length album for Dopamine Records finds one of instrumental rock's most promising young bands rising to new levels of creativity, execution, and sonic prowess. The Four Trees is a majestic journey deep into the imagination--the kind of record that won't quit until it has carefully probed the parts of your soul that delicately ask to be understood and discovered for the very first time. This is sonic storytelling at the height of its powers.

The Four Trees的曲目列表

1. Moksha
2. Some Are White Light
3. Sea Lawn
4. Crawlspace
5. Book Nine
6. The Dropsonde
7. Brombie
8. Our Breaths In Winter
9. The Dove
10. ASA
11. ...Reprise

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