Welcome Back Dear Children

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Arizona's debut album Welcome Back Dear Children is by far one of my favorite albums of the year, up there with Grizzly Bear and TVOTR in my eyes. It's essentially almost perfect, a balanced mix of beautiful, emotional, and bad-ass songs that clearly show off the band's natural talent. Did I mention this is their debut? I said it before, and I'll say it again: It's one of the best debuts since Funeral 2 years ago, and I say that with little to no reservation.

Welcome Back Dear Children的曲目列表

1. Te Amo Tanto
2. Some Kind Of Chill
3. Away
4. Diventa Blu
5. Splintering
6. Old Man With Bad Back Climbing Up Staircase (What Happened To My Daydream )
7. David
8. Waking Up
9. Surviving The Savior
10. Somersby
11. Stay With Who You Know
12. Thru The Soot
13. On Judgement Day

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