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Wayne Shorter / 1995-07-18


Wayne Shorter was at the peak of his creative powers when he recorded Schizophrenia in the spring of 1967. Assembling a sextet that featured two of his Miles Davis band mates (pianist Herbie Hancock and bassist Ron Carter), trombonist Curtis Fuller, alto saxophonist/flautist James Spaulding and drummer Joe Chambers, Shorter found a band that was capable of conveying his musical "schizophrenia," which means that this is a band that can play straight up jazz just as well as they can stretch the limits of jazz. At their best, they do this simultaneously, as they do on the opening track "Tom Thumb." The beat and theme of the song are straightforward, but the musical interplay and solos take chances that result in unpredictable music. And "unpredictable" is the operative phrase for this set of edgy post-bop tunes. Shorter's compositions have strong themes, but they lead into uncharted territory, constantly challenging the musicians and the listener. Schizophrenia crackles with the excitement of Shorter and his colleagues trying to balance the two extremes.

Players Include:
Wayne Shorter - Saxophone, (Tenor)
James Spaulding - Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Curtis Fuller - Trombone
Herbie Hancock - Piano
Ron Carter - Bass
Joe Chambers - Drums


Tom Thumb






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