The Blue Guitar Sessions

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Jesse Cook / 布鲁斯 / 2012-09-25


Stepping away a bit from his signature rhumba flamenco guitar style on The Blue Guitar Sessions, his eighth studio album, new age guitarist Jesse Cook broadens his canvas with jazzy ballads, soft blues, and smooth, atmospheric instrumental pop to make what is probably his most broadly accessible release to date. There's plenty of his sweet guitar playing here, so fans don't need to worry about that, but on tracks like the dreamy version of "I Put a Spell On You" (which features a languid and sultry vocal from guest Emma-Lee) and the elevator bop jazz piece "Miles Shorter," Cook expands his range into new territories.

The Blue Guitar Sessions的曲目列表

01 I Put a Spell On You (feat. Emma-Lee) (2:58)
02 Broken Moon (3:19)
03 Witching Hour (3:00)
04 Toybox (2:40)
05 Fields of Blue (3:19)
06 Miles Shorter (2:49)
07 Gone (3:27)
08 Ne Me Quitte Pas (feat. Emma-Lee) (4:16)
09 Diminished (3:10)
10 The Road (3:08)
11 Ocean Blue (4:20)
12 You (3:25)
13 When Night Turns To Day (4:03)
14 Midnight (3:12)

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