Not for Sale

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The Beatles / 1989-7-27

Not for Sale的曲目列表

One after 909 (1969 Studio Rehearsal)
Catswalk (Instrumental - Embyonic Version ofCatcall)
Bad To Me (Original Demo)
How Do You Do It (Rejected First Single)
Do You Want to know a secret (Remixed - No Echo)
Leave My Kitten Alone (For SaleOuttake)
If You've Got Trouble (HelpOuttake)
SHOUT (Studio Recording ForAround The BeatlesT.V. Special)
Medley Of Hits (Love Me Do / Please, Please Me / From Me To You / She Loves You / I Want To Hold Your Hand / ForAround The BeatlesT,V, Special)
Yes It is (Take 1)
Paperback Writer (Short Instrumental Version)
Paperback Writer (Remixed - No Echo)
Your Mother Should Know (Original Demo)
Birthday (Vocal Track - Refference Demo)
Goodbye (Origianl Demo)
I've Got A Feeling (Alternate Take)
I me mine (Pre-Specter Basic Track)
A day in the life (Clean Intro With Count Down - Remixed)
Tomorrow never knows (Early Mix)
Strawberry Fields Forevere (Arranging Demo)
Revolution (Early Mix)
Yer Blues (FromRock & RollCircus)
A case of the blues (Late 68 Lennon Demo)
Across The Universe (Get Back Remix)

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