Always the Hard Way

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Terror / 2006-07-25


This past winter Terror hunkered down at Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts to record their second full-length "Always The Hard Way" with Producer, Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Throwdown). Flying in during a record snow storm, the band managed to bring in a slew of amazing guest vocalists who braved the ice to appear. Eddie Sutton from Leeway, Aaron from Death Threat and even hip hop greats emcee Murs and Mr Dibbs (Atmosphere’s DJ) add their talents to the upcoming release. Those surprised by the inclusion of hip hop in Terror’s brand of hardcore should know that Vogel is a HUGE hip hop fan and even sports a Gangstarr tattoo on his arm, which is near the back piece he has of Leeway’s first album "Born To Expire."

Make sure to check out the newly released DVD "The Living Proof" to see the behind-the-scenes action of recording the new album, as well as live footage from around the world.

Always the Hard Way的曲目列表

1 All For Revenge
2 Strike You Down
3 Survival Comes Crashing In
4 Always The Hard Way
5 Lost
6 Last Of The Diehards
7 So Close To Defeat
8 Test My Convictions
9 Hell To Pay
10 One Step Behind
11 You Can't Break Me
12 Dibbs And Murs Check In
13 Hardship Belongs To Me
14 Smash Through You

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