Swell Season

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The Swell Season / 2006年4月


Frames front man Hansard has teamed up with classically trained Czech vocalist and pianist, Irglova to produce this album of affecting songs and compositions. From straight songs to piano instrumentals, "The Swell Season" affords an insight into a whole other side of Glen/The Frames, as well as offering a perfect introduction to this very talented newcomer. The record takes its name from author Josef Skvorecky's book of the same name. Set in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, the story centers on one man's love of music and his pursuit of unattainable women as a country comes unglued. Like the book, the record deals with the pains and hopes of those struggling to make sense of their lives.

Swell Season的曲目列表

This Low
Falling Slowly
Drown Out
When Your Minds Made Up
The Swell Season - The Swell Season, Irglova, Marketa
The Moon
Alone Apart

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