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grooveman spot / 05/14/2007


Another Limited Edition Cd Mix, By Our Favorite Jazzy Dj
Grooveman Spot... Already Out Of Stock.. Ya Be Luck To Get A
Copy Of This...
哪哪[Group Notes]哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪?
Dgn is around since 1998...
After a few years, a few rippers who left, a few who joined, people
greeting,people yelling, people threatening, people helping, people
watching, we're still enjoying our aime: Let ppl listen to what they
are gonna buy b4 they pay a single penny.
There have been also some people and groups that helped out during the
last few years, maybe it's because of them that (against all odds) we
are still releasing and doing well, those know who they are, and we'll
thank forever.
We remind our beloved public, we're against all kind of distrubution,
don't search our rips neither in your preferred XDcc channel, nor in
your local p2p program, We do not distribute ! But it's not
nice to buy when you do not know what you're buying.
As a matter of fact, DGN is a private group, and do not need rippers,
fast or slow shells, traders, t1+ sites, couriers, prewhores, and hw
suppliers, we need only a nice chalet in Switzerland/Canada or a Villa
in the Caribbean sea where to listen to some chillout music.
If you can supply any of those, for free, feel free to contact us for
an application form.
Remember to support the artists.


1 Somethin' For the People [All I Do(Jay Dee Remix Instrumental)]
On Nia's Poem[I Am Looking At Music]
2 Mos Def & Vinia Mojica [Get ta Steppin']
3 Nine Yards [Always Find A way(Jay Dee Remix)]
4 Musiq [Just Friends(Sunny)]
5 D'Angelo [Feel Like Makin Love]
6 Pete Kuzma Feat Bial [High&Dry]
7 GB [Simply So Remix Feat Steve Spacek&Sa-Ra]
8 Marvin Gaye&Waajeed [I Want You]
9 Dj Spinna Feat Vinia Mojica [Idols]
10 Terri Walker [Guess You Didn't Love Me Feat Mos Def]
11 Erykah Badu [Back In The Day]
12 Bahamadia Feat Dwele [Philadelphia]
13 The Brand New Heavies [Sometimes Feat Q-Tip (The Ummah Remix)]
14 Floetry [Floetic]
15 Adriana Evans [Reality]
16 Amel Larrieux [I N I]
17 Platinum Pied Pipers Feat Tiombe Lockhart [I Got You]
18 Xscape [In The Rain]
19 Sade [Lovers Rock]





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