Late Night Tales

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Nouvelle Vague / 民谣 / 2007-02-12


法國巴黎Downtempo / Loungecore樂團Nouvelle Vague主理的Late Night Tales合輯,由2-Tone樂團The Specials Aka揭開序幕,陸續出場有清新樂隊Pale Fountains、Bauhaus分支Tones On Tail、Avant-Garde作曲家Gavin Bryars、詩人歌手David Sylvian、Fred Frith的Avant-Rock樂團Art Bears、歌后Peggy Lee、鄉謠歌手Glen Campbell、4AD王牌This Mortal Coil以至John Lennon之作品。重點之作,是以Bosa Nova Ballad手法改編了Dexy Midnight Runners的80’s Pop金曲Come On Eileen。

Late Night Tales的曲目列表

"Girlfriend" - The Specials
"Come On Eileen" - Dexys Midnight Runners
"Baby" - Os Mutantes
"Unless" - Pale Fountains
"San Francisco Is A Lonely Town" - Charlie Rich
"Movement Of Fear" - Tones on Tail
"Chaos" - Phoebe Killdeer
"Urban Serenade" - Avril
"And I Love Him" - Shirley Horn
"The Vespertine Park" - Gavin Bryars
"A Fire In The Forest" - David Sylvian
"Civilization" - Art Bears
"You're My Thrill" - Peggy Lee
"By The Time I Get To Phoenix" - Glen Campbell
"Le Poisson Des Mers Du Sud" - Isabelle Antena
"The Last Trick" - Anja Garbarek
"Nicole" - Les Petroleuses
"Phoenix" - Cibelle
"You And Your Sister" - This Mortal Coil
"Lonely Girl" - Julie London
"What I Ate" - David Shrigley

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