Out of the Woods

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Tracey Thorn / 流行 / 2007-03-05


First solo album in 25 years from the female half of Everything But The Girl (her first solo album, A Distant Shore, was recorded just prior to the formation of EBTG in 1982). On this album, Thorn collaborates with Tom Gandey (AKA Cagedbaby) and Ewan Pearson amongst others. Features the first single 'It's All True'. Virgin. 2007.

Out of the Woods的曲目列表

1. Here It Comes Again
2. A-Z
3. It's All True
4. Get Around To It
5. Hands Up To The Ceiling
6. Easy
7. Falling Off A Log
8. Nowhere Near
9. Grand Canyon
10. By Picadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept
11. Raise The Roof

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