A Strange Education

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The Cinematics / 2007-03-06


"The sound of rainbows bursting through the tarmac of the big city." This is how NME described the sound of Scottish foursome the Cinematics. Like so many of the current crop of 80's influenced UK acts, the band elicits the cold, grey, stark and sometimes austere side of life in the North. Powered by tight grooves that demand movement and passionate, powerful and thoughtful vocals, the Cinematics also bring emotion and warmth. The end result is music that transcends any trends or underground niche.
Their debut album, "A Strange Education," is a stunning collection of dance-punk grooves and guitar interplay with lead vocalist Scott Rinning's ardent vocal delivery. Even in his early twenties, Rinning's voice reveals a power and gravity well beyond his years. The Cinematics' singles, "Break," and "Keep Forgetting," each find a place that resonates in your heart and in your mind. The stirring "Human" is one of those special songs that sends chills up your spine.
Already too "big" sounding for the small club stages they've been playing in America up to this point, the Cinematics live show is flawless. Powerful, tight and often inspirational, a Cinematics show reminds you of those special times when you saw legendary acts before the rest of the world.
The current single "Break" will be followed by "Keep Forgetting" and its brilliant video which captures the band in a modern version of classic French New Wave Cinema. "A Strange Education" cd will contain both of these songs' accompanying videos, as well as two additional live videoclips of the band performing on Dutch TV show "London Calling." The band is touring with Mute Math from March through May.

A Strange Education的曲目列表

1. Race To The City
2. Break
3. A Strange Education
4. Human
5. Chase
6. Rise & Fall
7. Sunday Sun
8. Keep Forgetting
9. Ready Now
10. Maybe Someday
11. Alright
12. Asleep At The Wheel

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