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Milky Lasers / 2006


Their debut “Voyage" attracted attention and their exciting tour called enthusiasm in Germany at the beginning of 2005. And their 2005's “cherry on the cake" Milky Lasers recieved a few weeks ago in their home country: they have been awarded at the Lithuanian Alternative Music Award for the “best album of the year" and the “best electronic music band". And just a week later they have been nominated at "Bravo" (the Lithuanian pendant of the Grammy) within the categories “best album" and “best newcomer".
Now there will be released the follow-up album “Kitchen". An album as well sounding extremly charming as a mix of easy crazyness and pure energy, at the same time wonderful calming and almost adult ­ but: listen to the subs and read between the lines, which makes such a fun and makes you feel like listening again and again and discover each song: the snottily “stop your perfect lies about a happy future, no I don¹t need them no no no you're not my mr. perefect..." or then that sweet love song “look at the mirror my robert de niro, hero..." or inbetween “speak to me I have no time call me later I have not time - my god, pardon me I forgot his majesty has no time" at “fasta mastah" ­ at its heart 14 neat jewels.
“Kitchen" sounds here and there like a whiff of Moloko or the Cardigans, then sudenly there are some 70ies Disco Beats & Grooves or a mix of tasting like Bobby McFerrin meets Sugarhill Gang ­ indeed very amusing and everybody's imagination will be fired bringing own different styles & idols out of the last decades to mind, like young “Milky Lasers" got inspired by...
Finally the result of the jury: a band, who found it's own style at a very early stage, a sound, which is inspirational, an album, which is sweeping enough, to mightbe welcome the Milky Lasers at next year's Grammy ceremony!


1. Mr. Perfect
2. I
3. Bp
4. And Then
5. U Can Call Me Music
6. Fastah Mastah
7. Take It Easy
8. Kitchen
9. Conspice
10. Read Between The Lines
11. Hero
12. Save It? Yes.Save It? No.
13. My House
14. Like A Magic






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