Magic, Murder and the Weather

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Magazine / 1981-06-09


After leaving the Buzzcocks in 1977, vocalist Howard Devoto formed Magazine with guitarist John McGeoch, bassist Barry Adamson, keyboardist Bob Dickinson, and drummer Martin Jackson. One of the first post-punk bands, Magazine kept the edgy, nervous energy of punk, adding elements of art rock, particularly with their theatrical live shows and shards of keyboards. Devoto's lyrics were combinations of social commentary and poetic fragments, while the band alternated between cold, jagged chords and gloomy, atmospheric sonic landscapes.

Magic, Murder and the Weather的曲目列表

1. About the Weather
2. So Lucky
3. Honeymoon Killers
4. Vigilance
5. Come Alive
6. Great Man's Secrets
7. This Poison
8. Naked Eye
9. Surburban Rhonda
10. Garden

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