Long Gone Before Daylight

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The Cardigans / 摇滚 / 2004


“Long Gone Before Daylight” is the fifth studio album by The Cardigans. After a long hiatus from their last album in 1998 (with members of the band experimenting with other projects), it was finally released in Japan on March 19, 2003 and in Europe on March 24, 2003. Later it was also released in Canada (April 22, 2003) and North America (May 25, 2004).
The album differs from the band's earlier works. Their familiar "happy" pop sound takes on a change to pop songs with more of an American country music influence. It is relatively a much darker album than their previous works, and more quiet than the noisier Gran Turismo. Indeed, even lead singer Nina Persson dyed her once light blonde hair to jet black, reflecting the band's change of mood.
Criticism was generally mixed to positive. Some found the change of direction welcome, and felt the band had matured, making songs that were even better than other experienced country-pop styled artists. Others missed the old pop sound, and accused the band of possibly being ashamed of their former "happy" pop sound.
The first single of the album, "For What It's Worth" was released on February 17, 2003. The second single was "You're the Storm" released on June 2, 2003. The third and final single was "Live and Learn" released on December 3, 2003.

Long Gone Before Daylight的曲目列表

1. Communication
2. You're The Storm
3. A Good Horse
4. And Then You Kissed Me
5. Couldn't Care Less
6. Please Sister
7. For What It's Worth
8. Lead Me Into The Night
9. Live And Learn
10. Feathers And Down
11. 03.45: No Sleep
12. Hold Me (Mini Version)
13. If There Is A Chance (Bonus Track)
14. For The Boys (Bonus Track)

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